Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Music is for dancing - Guest Blogger Catrina Taylor

Welcome to week two of the TTC Virtual Blog Tour. I apologise for this late posting which was due to unforeseen circumstances. I wish to start this post by extending greetings to my guest blogger Catrina Taylor who in her words "is having a week from Lord knows where." Hope everything works itself out and return to normal.

Now, this week we are talking about music and how it affects, inspires or distract our writing. If you want to know my views on the topic you can check out my guest blog post at
Without further delay lets see what our wonderful guest blogger had to say on the topic:

Catrina Taylor:

I’ve been asked many times what music I listen to when I write. I know it’s a popular thing for authors and other artists to lean upon various artistic channels for inspiration. Paintings, drawings, stories, photograph and music all inspire authors to write. The same often works in reverse; authors inspire painters, musicians and more. On a whole different page, I cannot say that it works that effectively for me. I’ll explain why.

I love to dance. If the music hits the right groove, I’m all about it. It’s great fun to get up out of a chair, bounce around and dance. I enjoy moving to the rhythm on my own, or with my children. I’m sure that you can see what kind of a distraction this creates when the goal is to be writing a novel, or short story.

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About the Author

Catrina Taylor is a single mom and a scifi author. Her favorite world to play in is the universe of Xarrok. She currently has one novel and two short stories released. Book two in her Birth of an Empire series is due out by July of this year and book three by September.  You can find her work at and you can find her books at any major book retailer. 

You can also follow Catrina on Twitter as @TheLadyWrites or on Facebook at