Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Muse

I hear a lot of writers referring to the muse who speaks to them. I know for some it is metaphorical and for some they actually hear voices telling them what to write. For me, I am not sure what it is exactly.

I do know that when I am sitting alone, whether during a busride to and from work, on the toilet, lying in bed waiting to fall asleep or waiting somewhere on someone, my mind wanders. I would watch someone pass by and wonder what their life is life. My mind then goes on this journery into what it believes the person's life is life, whether tragic, or fun or sad.
Sometimes it wanders on circumstances involving me and someone knew I may have met; something I may want, somewhere I wish to be. My mind takes off on these journeys that are often very detailed and sometimes involves me talking to myself. And Yes, I do answer myself as well.

There are also times when I may have watched a movie and I think of different angels I wouldve taken with the storyline - I am learning that this is called fanfiction and maybe one day I may dabble in some fanfiction.

I am not sure if I hear voices, becuase most times it is my own voice. I am also not sure if I have a muse or if I truley understand what is a muse is, but I do know that I have an incredibly wandering mind that oftens travels through an story about an entire lifetime before it moves on to a next.

Do you have a muse?
How do you write?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That spicy sex scene

This week my post on Story Time with Cathy and Friends was a spicy sex scene. The first time I wrote it, it was . . .well lets say hardcore. I was very uncomfortable with it. It didnt sound like a romantic connection between the two women but instead of just plain old porn, humping and sucking and licking. I read it over like fifteen times as I tried to edit it, tone it down, something or anything to make it fit into romantic erotica.
Eventuall, I had to rewrite it. I opened a blank word page, saw the scene in my mind again and rewrote it. The ladies were still getting it on, but this time minus those hard sexual words that I believed made it porn.
Writing sex scenes are hard for me, because I am very sexual and very hardcore. I dont see the act in that nice romantic manner that most people see it. Thus, I write as I feel, as I see, as I act.

How do you write sex scenes? How do you like to read sex scenes? And tell me what you think about mine, head on over to the blog @  and read my sex scene and tell me what you think?

Friday, 6 April 2012

Well my dear readers today I finished the second instalment of an Unexpected Desire. It stands at 3200 words and deals a lot with Nyasha's lifestyle and Fiona's building feelings and there is a big surprise for you in the end, you may see is coming but it will still hit you and you will find yourself smiling uncontrollably, so next Tuesday dont miss An Unexpected Desire on Storytime with Cathy Brockman and friends.

Today the host of the writing series, Cathy Brockman, is the feature writer with her very interesting vampire story. Her first episode explores the connection between the vampire and the human and his urges to have her. I read it and I must say I enjoyed it and was truly shocked at the ending, didnt expect it to go there at all. Cathy's writing is very clear and even though I am not a Vampire fan, I was intrigued, interested and entertained throughout the story. I am definitely looking forward to Cathy on Monday for her second instalment.

When you visit the blog please dont forget to vote for your favourite story. Emmy Grayshun, a lady with a sexy ass accent, will be reading the story that wins in the poll and I will try to compose a video to go with it, just for your viewing pleasure on Sunday on the blog.

So ead on over to and enjoy the stories.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pimping for a friend

Hey check out this great story on Story time with Cathy Brockman and friends today. It is a wonderful tale of a rejected young librarian wiling away in a small town who falls in love with a guy she meets on an online game. What she does next will shock you. Go on and over and check it out, here is the link:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Welcome to Author Anjie Harrte's blog. A blog about everything and anything.

I am a twenty nine year old aspiring author who lives in sunny Guyana, South America. I have loved telling stories since I was a little girl. My mother used to say I got that attribute from my father. Of course, they referred to it as “the gift of lying” As I grew older and learned to write, I took the gift of lying and starting penning stories. I enjoy escaping into my stories since my life is pretty normal. I am a mother of  a little one year old bundle of energy.
My genre is mostly adult fiction and I dabble in adult romance, young adult romance and lesbian romance. A lot of my writing delves into the human psyche as I seek to explore my ideas of why people kill, lust, love, obsess or create damages of any kind; whether physical or emotional.

You can send me emails at and please feel free to leave constructive criticisms on my stories.