Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Welcome to Author Anjie Harrte's blog. A blog about everything and anything.

I am a twenty nine year old aspiring author who lives in sunny Guyana, South America. I have loved telling stories since I was a little girl. My mother used to say I got that attribute from my father. Of course, they referred to it as “the gift of lying” As I grew older and learned to write, I took the gift of lying and starting penning stories. I enjoy escaping into my stories since my life is pretty normal. I am a mother of  a little one year old bundle of energy.
My genre is mostly adult fiction and I dabble in adult romance, young adult romance and lesbian romance. A lot of my writing delves into the human psyche as I seek to explore my ideas of why people kill, lust, love, obsess or create damages of any kind; whether physical or emotional.

You can send me emails at and please feel free to leave constructive criticisms on my stories.

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