Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Muse

I hear a lot of writers referring to the muse who speaks to them. I know for some it is metaphorical and for some they actually hear voices telling them what to write. For me, I am not sure what it is exactly.

I do know that when I am sitting alone, whether during a busride to and from work, on the toilet, lying in bed waiting to fall asleep or waiting somewhere on someone, my mind wanders. I would watch someone pass by and wonder what their life is life. My mind then goes on this journery into what it believes the person's life is life, whether tragic, or fun or sad.
Sometimes it wanders on circumstances involving me and someone knew I may have met; something I may want, somewhere I wish to be. My mind takes off on these journeys that are often very detailed and sometimes involves me talking to myself. And Yes, I do answer myself as well.

There are also times when I may have watched a movie and I think of different angels I wouldve taken with the storyline - I am learning that this is called fanfiction and maybe one day I may dabble in some fanfiction.

I am not sure if I hear voices, becuase most times it is my own voice. I am also not sure if I have a muse or if I truley understand what is a muse is, but I do know that I have an incredibly wandering mind that oftens travels through an story about an entire lifetime before it moves on to a next.

Do you have a muse?
How do you write?

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