Wednesday, 18 April 2012

That spicy sex scene

This week my post on Story Time with Cathy and Friends was a spicy sex scene. The first time I wrote it, it was . . .well lets say hardcore. I was very uncomfortable with it. It didnt sound like a romantic connection between the two women but instead of just plain old porn, humping and sucking and licking. I read it over like fifteen times as I tried to edit it, tone it down, something or anything to make it fit into romantic erotica.
Eventuall, I had to rewrite it. I opened a blank word page, saw the scene in my mind again and rewrote it. The ladies were still getting it on, but this time minus those hard sexual words that I believed made it porn.
Writing sex scenes are hard for me, because I am very sexual and very hardcore. I dont see the act in that nice romantic manner that most people see it. Thus, I write as I feel, as I see, as I act.

How do you write sex scenes? How do you like to read sex scenes? And tell me what you think about mine, head on over to the blog @  and read my sex scene and tell me what you think?

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