Friday, 6 April 2012

Well my dear readers today I finished the second instalment of an Unexpected Desire. It stands at 3200 words and deals a lot with Nyasha's lifestyle and Fiona's building feelings and there is a big surprise for you in the end, you may see is coming but it will still hit you and you will find yourself smiling uncontrollably, so next Tuesday dont miss An Unexpected Desire on Storytime with Cathy Brockman and friends.

Today the host of the writing series, Cathy Brockman, is the feature writer with her very interesting vampire story. Her first episode explores the connection between the vampire and the human and his urges to have her. I read it and I must say I enjoyed it and was truly shocked at the ending, didnt expect it to go there at all. Cathy's writing is very clear and even though I am not a Vampire fan, I was intrigued, interested and entertained throughout the story. I am definitely looking forward to Cathy on Monday for her second instalment.

When you visit the blog please dont forget to vote for your favourite story. Emmy Grayshun, a lady with a sexy ass accent, will be reading the story that wins in the poll and I will try to compose a video to go with it, just for your viewing pleasure on Sunday on the blog.

So ead on over to and enjoy the stories.

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