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Kiss of the Dragon - a tantalizing excerpt by Ellie Mack

Now isnt this my lucky week; two guest posts in one week and by two very talented authors. You should know todays guest from Storytimetrsyts and her wonderful titlating writing. Today she offers a brush on the lips from her WIP.

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Kiss of the Dragon by Ellie Mack

Ever had the feeling that you just didn't fit in or that you didn't know who you really were? Isabelle Lennox is about to find out the hard way about her true self as she is thrust into a world of magic and dragons. True love has never been this dangerous. Kiss of the Dragon takes you beyond time to a fated love that's out of this world in this paranormal romance.

Isabelle attends a Renaissance Fair in a real Scottish castle with her friend to help get her cheating ex-husband out of her system. When a "black hole" headache strikes, everything changes. Set on the coast of Scotland and spanning thousands of years, Isabelle is about to embark on an adventure like none she's ever heard of before. A mystical land of dragons, mages, and treasures surround her as she discovers a truth long hidden from the human world.

While Laird Zane is discovering the truth about his heritage, Isabelle is discovering a world she never knew existed. The truth lies somewhere between the prophecy and fate, and only time will tell.

Excerpt from Kiss of the Dragon

*The following excerpt is Zane and Izzy's first kiss upon the battlements of Zane's castle walls. *

He laughed. Not just a slight laugh, but a full belly laugh. He reached for her hand. “You must have been a handful.” He pulled her closer, moving the wine bottle out of the way. His breathing no longer calm, but jagged. His gaze held hers captive. Tension built and coiled within her while she waited for what she knew was coming.

“I know this is very forward. Please don’t think me a rogue, but I’ve been sitting here listening to you, trying to focus on your words whilst imagining what it would be like to kiss you.”

Isabelle felt the heat snaking up her arm from his touch. She felt the heat within herself stirring. Hadn’t she wanted him to kiss her?

He brushed an errant strand of hair from her face and traced her jaw line with his finger. Leaning in, his mouth so close she felt the puff of breath on her own lips. “Just one taste.”

He pressed against her gently. A quick dart of his tongue against her lips beckoning them to part. She was helpless to do anything else. Her lips parted, allowing him to sweep her teeth with his tongue. A thrill rippled through her at his kiss. He lingered, daring to entice her to more. Isabelle brought her hand up to his chest, touching him, yet not pushing him away. She wanted more. He pulled back slightly, their lips a hair breadth apart.

Isabelle exhaled with a slight catch in her breath. His lips were on hers again, his tongue probing inside her parted lips. She was lost in the sensations. How long had it been since she’d let a man get this close? She’d forgotten how good it felt to be touched, to be kissed. On the other hand, it had never been even close to this.

A heat like a flickering flame warmed her. It started where his lips met hers and continued down, all the way down. Wanting. Needing. Raw. Hungry, oh so very hungry for his touch. Flames of her own passion began to build. She had her hand at the back of his head before realizing what she was doing.

Zane rolled towards her, still supporting his weight on his elbow. He eased Isabelle to the ground smoothly. Sliding his free hand from her face, trailing down her neck, and brushing against her breast. Hardened buds formed as the back of his hand brushed against them. Zane’s hand continued down to her waist, then reached around and pulled himself against her. A low growl escaped Zane’s throat a second before he covered her mouth again. It started gentle then grew more insistent, stirring feelings that quickly turned to raw desire. A slow sweep of his tongue in her mouth sent her closer to that ragged edge.

She could feel his hardness against her hip. Every cell of her being had been awakened with his kiss. Her mind raced with images of passion igniting between them. The desire he stirred just with his kiss was overwhelming. She moved her hand down his back, resting it at the small curve there. He smelled like strong spice and leather. She could taste the wine on his lips mixed with a stronger, fiery something. The vaguest hint of it touched her taste buds when his tongue tangled with hers. He tasted like heaven or decadent sinful desire, her every fantasy in the flesh.

She had to have more! Isabelle kissed him back enthusiastically, as each slight movement of his tongue stoked her own fire. She didn’t know if it was his amazing kissing or the spicy taste, but she had to have more.

Suddenly he pulled back. She missed the separation immediately. Her eyes flew open, locking with his, questioning.

“I should see you to your room.” There was a feral, barely restrained look in his. She heard his words, yet he made no effort to move. His breathing was ragged, catching on the exhale. “Else I won’t be able to stop.”

“I, I didn’t say you had to stop.” Her eyes pleaded with his. Her voice came out in breathy whispers.

A slight twitch at his jaws, his gaze never left hers. He contemplated briefly. He released his hold on her and got to his feet. Clenching and unclenching his hands, he stared out over the sea below. He turned and helped her to her feet, then silently gathered the items in the cloth. He grasped her hand in his and took off with a long stride. Isabelle shuffled her feet, nearly at a jog to keep up with him.

He walked her around the wall to the main house entering the doorway there. A guard stood just inside the door, he dropped his eyes, not meeting hers. Down the corridor he strode at nearly a race. What had she done to infuriate him? When they had reached her chamber door, he pressed her against the wall, lifted her face to his and kissed her firmly. He was pressing the length of his body against hers. His mouth claimed hers, demanding this time. Demanding her response, demanding she open to him. He moved over to the soft spot of her neck, just below her ear and nuzzling his chin upwards, grazing her jaw line with his teeth.

A quick gasp of pleasure escaped her. He tensed, and pulled back. “ I will say good evening to you Lady Isabelle.” He turned, and at the same pace barreled off down the corridor. She still stood, pressed against the wall when Merryk came around the corner to assume his post.

A knowing grin crossed his face as he came closer. “Perhaps milady, you should go inside your chamber. Do you require assistance?”

Her lips still tingled where Zane’s had been mere moments before. Dazed, and highly aroused she ducked under his arm to enter the chamber. Isabelle sat on the edge of the bed, staring at nothing, memorizing every touch, every taste. She had never been so turned on in her entire life. With Jake, she had never reached an orgasm. Not once. Not even when he went down on her. Jake apparently had no problem so it had to have been her. That was part of his reasoning of why he cheated.

Right, he was a no good cheating snake because she was the ice queen. She had come to believe it for a long while. But tonight. . . Tonight she was nearly there when Zane merely kissed her. She lay back on the bed imagining if things had progressed further with Zane.

It was a long while later before she regained her composure. In some measure she wasn’t sure she would ever completely recover after that kiss.
Ellie Mack lives in a small town near St. Louis, Missouri. She graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a BS in geography/cartography. She has worked for Department of Defense, county government, as a substitute teacher, and various other jobs.  Her hobbies include reading, bicycling, playing Tombraider, and Dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution, and Zumba. Between being a mother to two teenage girls, a wife, homemaker, and a mortgage loan officer, Ellie writes paranormal romances.
Ellie’s first erotica piece is appearing on
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Well that was an emotional ride. The way Ellie describes the kiss and paints a very clear picture of exactly what is going on and how they both feel put me there in that scene and I felt as though I was Isabelle. The part with the tongue against teeth, took away a little from the mood that Ellie set for the scene, but not enough for me to loose it altogether. I was there with Isabelle feeling Zane kiss her below the ears, and feeling the heat build up in her and was just as forlon when he left.

That is my view of the excerpt, what is yours?

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