Monday, 29 October 2012


What would drag me out of my cocoon and bring me back to blogging? Nanowrimo of course!

I cannot explain why I haven't been blogging or writing. Maybe it is laziness, maybe the muse went for a vacation when I did, or maybe life just interevened and wouldn't let me back to this world of escape. I swear one of the above is an excuse and apology for not keeping you entertained.

But now I am back to blogging and just in time for Nano.

This is my second year doing Nanowrimo and I can't explain what it is that I feel exactly. Am I scared? Yes! I have not decided on a story, or characters or nothing for November and it is two days away. Will I be able to come up with something? I have no idea but I still intend to participate.

Am I excited? A little. With fear there is this excitement of being able to shell out those 50,000 words in thirty days. I acquired it in 27 days last year and I haven't looked back on the story. I know all I have to do is keep a steady 1667 words a day and I will accomplish it but it isn't that black and white. I remember setting times to wake up at 3am in the morning to get words in, trying to accomplish 5000 words a day on weekends and pushing in whatever I can, wherever I can. The thing is we write when the muse gives us something to write about so planning to trot down the road at a steady pace is not something realistic at all.

I am reading all the blog posts by my fellow writers with their tips and advice but does that prepare me? NO!

However, in spite of it all I am not giving up. I aim to accomplish a few things during nano; I aim to get a novel written in thirty days, and I aim to keep you updated through my blog posts, so come on back weekly for updates on the craziness.

xoxo Anjie

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