Saturday, 12 January 2013

M...M...M...Missing You Monday

So this was supposed to be a weekend post but blogger didn't post it as scheduled so here goes, hope you enjoy.

Tomorrow I will be featuring a new contemporary romance author and her new book, so come back now.


Missing You

When I remember you I remember the smell of your skin;

The scent of a man’s body just out of the shower, refreshing

When I close my eyes, I see your smile;

The way your nose wrinkled and the love for me in your eyes

When the coldness creeps in;

I remember your touch; soft, warm and enveloping

When I lay my head down to sleep

Your breath is warm on my neck, whispering words so sweet

  * * * * *

My heart aches for the simple sight of you

My body yearns for your touch; for what was us two

My eyes weep at the loss of everything

And there is a hunger for you deep within

  * * * * * * 

You who completed me for so long

How is it possible that you are now gone?

Not gone to the far beyond

But simply left me to weep and yearn
* * * * * * * ** *  

I reach into the darkness hoping to find you there

My arms return; empty, cold and bare

You haunt my dreams both when I sleep and when I wake

And every time I think of how we parted my heart continues to break

  * * ** * *
I want your touch; your smell; the feel of you in me

I need your taste, your heart, your love for an eternity

I begged you not to look back, not to give in and never to return to me

But how will I live, breath, eat, sleep or exist without you here loving me?

  copyright AnjieHarte © 2013


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