Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Back to writing

I am back to writing an Unexpected Desire. I regret to inform you that since I want to publish it, I will no longer be featuring parts of it here.

I see the  storyblog has found a replacement for me and I must say she is a talented writer. I do intend to follow the blog stories as I always do, because I am a professional.

They say the best way to get revenge on someone is to prove them wrong and I intend to do so by keep on writing and being me. Not everyone will think alike and I believe our different ways of thinking is what makes us all so maginificent. The fact that my thoughts and ideas were different; the fact that I believed in standing up for myself irregardless of what your position is; and the fact that I was unrelenting in getting my thoughts over that unfair treatment of someone, who is reserved and respectful, is unacceptable has gotten me blocked out and shunned from the story blog.

What I have taken with me is that people can be immature even in their old age, and I have taken it in stride and decided that I am better than the situation. I am disappointed that the person for whom I stood up for did not stand up for me, but I understand her nature and therefore I forgive her. I am a writer and one day I hope to be an author, in this process I will make mistakes, learn from them, gain friends and loose enemies, and I am ready for it all.

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