Saturday, 26 May 2012

Blog Tour Begins Tomorrow

I am excited about this. After weeks and weeks of planning and the hard hard work of Tasha Turner and her team of talented people, the blog tour kicks off tomorrow.
Before this, I didnt know anything about a blog tour, it sounded like something that involved me moving from place to place. Well, in actuality my presumptions were a little close to what it actually is. A blog tour is about bloggers guest posting on different blogs; a different blog every week.
Now that it is coming together I can only imagine the amount of work Tasha and her crew had to do to put this together for us Masterkoda writers, and for free too! They are truly a bunch of wonderful kind hearted people and I am so blessed to be apart of the Masterkoda facebook group.

During the blog tour I will be hosting other writers and you will get to know them and what they are about, what they write, why they write etc. So don't miss a post. I will also let you know where I am appearing so you can head over there to check out my post.

I am hoping this tour can bring some attention to the up and coming release of An Unexpected Desire.

So from tomorrow head back over here and check out the greatest blog tour ever hosted by the one and only MASTERKODA.

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