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The beginning of a wonderful journey - with Cathy Brockman

I am excited; so excited than I am on the laptop at 8:00am on a Sunday morning. This is totally unlike me. I am excited to be apart of Tasha Turner Coaching's Virtual Blog Tour and also excited that my first guest is someone I know and admire. As I said to her last night; seems like fate is saying we should be working together :)
My guest post is up already too and you can check it out at Allison Bruning hosts Anjie Harte.

Anyhow, without further delay I present to you: Cathy Brockman and her many muses.

Why I write and what inspired me.

Hello! My name is Cathy Brockman and I am a writer. Well, actually I can truly say I am an Author, since I published my first book (though it is under my other personality  ... * Cathy Boyd - meet childlike muse. She waves* Luke’s Dragon; book one of the Dreamworld series. I have many other books started but that is for another story.
 Today we will talk about why I decided to write. I didn’t just wake up one morning and say “hey I think I am going to write a book”.  *muses give me the evil eye.*Well I guess it did kind of happen that way. Here is the whole story. It’s kind of long so you better sit down. *muses offer up a comfy chair and a tray of assorted teas and water. Sorry no coffee since its 9 pm here. Oh! Ok for the ones in the UK and other places where it is morning we will bring in the coffee pot. *sweet muse smacks my hand as I reach for it and hands me the bottled green tea*.
It was about a year ago in mid-April. I had recently retired from my job at Wal-Mart of 19 years due to a damaged nerve. I have chronic pain and seizures now and fall unannounced so I can no longer work and basically have to have someone around. I’d been lying about doing nothing but a little crochet and a lot of reading when the pain meds didn’t have me knocked out. I had gained a lot of weight. I was the heaviest I had ever been (yes I will admit I topped 200 and I’m only 5 feet.) I also became very depressed. About all I could do was read. I read both of Laurell K Hamilton’s series; the Anita Blake vampire hunter ( lots of books and the Merry Gentry ones also a lot), after I had read  the four twilight books and the entire collection of Sookie Stackhouse books  by Charlaine Harris. I moved on to Kim Harrison’s Hollows series. After I finished it, I read Patricia Biggs and Caitlin Kittredge’s entire series. Then in February, Kim released Pale Demon.  Yes, now we are getting to where my inspiration came from... (I know I ramble)
I had read Pale Demon twice; I loved it so I was obsessed. I daydreamed (well evening dreamed as it was mostly at night when I was relaxing in a nice hot tub with my Mp3.) This night in particular, I was  just about ready to  bring in my fantasy when Paralyzer came on the Mp3 player. Instead of Trent from Pale Demon showing up in my fantasy world, this tall  hunky werewolf shows up dancing (imagine Joe Mangenello with auburn red hair,  pulled back in a ponytail ,tucked into a shirt buttoned down low…(I ramble again.) I’m thinking wow… my own character. How cool is that?  So for the next few nights I had my own set of characters.  This was about a week before this April morning decided to get a grip on myself and lose some weight and cut way back on the pain pills.
One morning early in April, rejoined Spark people a weight-loss group sight, and was doing a spring boot camp to lose weight. This particular morning I got on to log in my calorie count, when a pop up popped up.  It said. “Have you ever thought of writing and selling your own book?” How odd. (You probably think not odd, happens all the time… except we have a good pop up blocker and don’t get popups and I haven’t gotten any more in a year now.. And yes it was a vanity ad for Iverse publishing. Anyone can write a book and buy a package and you have books.)But that was my plan at the time. Daughter had a birthday coming in July and I thought I’d write a book for her birthday. How cool is that?  A book by your mom?
 I got out a stack of composition books and a pack of pens and got busy. I started designing my characters.  Then I realized the story was off. How did these characters get to where they are?  So I started another story, a prequel but I hate prequels. So I decided that book one; the original book, one would be book two.  Suddenly a new storyline, and I had the makings of book three.  Then something crazy happened at the end of the third outline leading to book four. I had a series.(and I ramble again..) Back on track. I found out there was a lot more to quality writing than sitting down and writing words on paper.
 I started doing a lot of research, joining groups, making friends.  I read that you needed to start queries and social platforms when you first start writing. This was all new to me, and I had to brush up on basics since I have no training and been out of school a hundred years. *childlike muse gasps and dark muse grins flashing fang.* Well maybe not a hundred. Then one day far into the journey, well that fall, I posted a post something about a chapter I had written and had sent out a couple for critiquing. I had a couple ladies talk to me about it. They both were very helpful and told me how to  submit some queries, and was interested in some ideas and one introduced me to Tasha Turner to help  me  get on track  and polish m up. Tasha introduced me to Masterkoda group. From there I met a sweet lady ,Debra Welch, that also talked to me about the critiquing and asked to read a bit of my work. Then she asked for samples of all I had so far.  Then she said her and her partner at Saga Books would publish the first book of the series. Yes I have a contract for the first book and hope to have it out by year end.
In the meantime; the muses kept showing up and plot bunnies multiplied. I developed more stories. I decided one night to do a M/M romance (another story for another time) I call this thing 2 and my naughty muse was born.*Naughty muse smiles* Then one day thing 3 cropped up; a contemporary romance, or Chick Lit (sweet muse was born she curtsies).
 I got involved in a charity project, called the Gage project, and wrote a children’s story for it. My editor edited it for free for me and she liked it so much she published it also. So Luke’s Dragon is available on amazon for $2.99 and also in the Gage project. * And the childlike muse is born she waves frantically*. You can visit with me and all my muses on Thursdays when we do our weekly interviews at our lair at, and probably more often pretty soon.
As if all of this wasn’t enough,  I got the crazy idea of a story blog and My short story Love bites and my group Storytime Trysts was born. I developed it to give people free samples my writing style and to give a few friends the opportunity also. We have had ups and downs but I have learned a lot.  From both the blog and my whole journey.
Speaking of my journey I have an old blog on blogspot called my journey if you are interested in more details.
I hope I haven’t bored you to death *muses go around shaking everyone awake.* this is how I decided to write and became published. How Kim Harrison inspired me and this is just the beginning. So stay tuned for more. A lot more!!*muses open three drawers and show you all the folders of ideas! *Yep a lot more!!We hope you come back soon! Until then, here is a little about me and where you can find me!
* * * * *
Cathy Brockman
Cathy is fifty years old (Shh! don't tell anyone!!) though she refuses to act it. She prefers to play with clay and write on the sidewalk with the Grandies (she has 10 of them). She lives in the hot and sticky mid-south and dreams of a cooler climates and making snowmen. She retired from her everyday job of 19 years, selling jewelry at Wal-Mart, to spend time writing books and creating her own jewelry and other cool stuff.
She likes to garden, cook, sew, and craft. When she isn't creating new recipes for her home-grown goodies, or making some cool plastic canvas creation or a pretty piece of jewelry, she can be found hiding in one of her many garden getaways, creating new worlds and getting lost in writing and sometimes reading a hot and juicy romance. She also hopes to get to travel a lot soon to get more inspiration and ideas for even more great stories to share with all of her friends. If you would like a free sample of her writing, go see Storytime Trysts for weekly episodes of her latest short-story.
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What inspires you? Do you have a dream that you would like to see come true some day? Tell us about your dreams and inspirations in the comment section. If I can make mine come true so can you!! Thanks Anjie Hart for inviting us here today!